“Restoring God, family and country”

 “We are dedicated to educating the generation destined to build Zion, restore the Constitution, proclaim the Gospel, fulfill prophecy, and usher in the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, by building a foundation of knowledge through an educational system that places God, and correct principles into every academic subject.”- mission statement


Kimber News:

Please mark your calendar August 12th. There will be a parent orientation for all new and returning parents. Both parents are expected and encouraged to attend if possible!

We will be introducing new policy/procedures, going over each subject and expectations, and review the outline of events, and activities for the new year. We hope by doing this, this will give you a clearer idea of who we are and how to help your child succeed right from the beginning!

If you can not make it on the above date, the next available one is Sept 9th.

10-2 with small snack break
Children in arms only

Sunday Family Fireside

June 11th 7pm.  If you have a desire to understand Isaiah, then this is a great time to do so. Free event with the Joseph Smith Foundation



Youth Leadership Conference

Looking to THE Past to secure our future

The Rising Generation for America 2017 Conference July 28-29, 2017

Come join us for an empowering experience as we look to our past by learning about the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, and the principles our nation was founded upon. Also learn what we can do to protect our freedoms and help our country in a positive way in order to secure our future. The Rising Generation for America Conference will teach powerful and uplifting truths not found in any conference in America.

Special guest speakers, performers, contests, and activities will fill this faith-promoting, patriotic two-day event.

$100 covers the cost of all lectures, activities, meals, a t-shirt, and materials packet for each attendee. It’s a GREAT DEAL and REGISTRATION IS LIMITED, so purchase your tickets now

New Location coming

We are excited to announce our new home coming fall 2017

We have recently outgrown our current new location, as so many families are feeling the need to join our program. Many families are wanting to not only make an education change, but a change in their family to prepare for our Savior’s return.

121 E State Street, Lehi, Utah.  For more information please call us at 801.636.9187

Please email us at kimberacademylehi@gmail.com 

Now Hiring 

Come join our team as we prepare for next year. We are looking for the following positions to fill for our NEW We’ll Bring the World His Truth ProgramThis is a program for those families that have an interest in helping their children be prepared in the latter-days 1) by restoring the culture in music, art, dance, drama 2) developing skills to help in spreading the message of the constitution, religious freedom, family, restoration principles, and defending the prophet through computer and other form of communications  3) Prepared in defense

Classes held Fridays:
Pay is commission per student
Dance Teacher: Looking for one who could teach partner less dances, dignified and noble. Students would learn what is proper for the Lord. If you have an interest in teaching dances based upon principles, then this could be a lot of fun.
Communications Teacher:  One who could help students learn how to write, blog, podcasts, and create short videos etc.
If you have an interest in teaching a 40 min class once a week, please let us know.


NEW Junior Preparatory Class Fall 2017

Ages 4/5
Focus of the new class is to strengthen your child’s reading skills before entering the Junior A class.
Children will strengthen their reading skills by using the Book of Mormon hook date curriculum, and using Teaching Your Child How to Read using the Book of Mormon program.
Music, games and art will be included along with the William H. McGuffey Program, and Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers for math.
Children MUST know their entire alphabet and sounds and numbers 1-10, and has a desire to come and learn.
$135 a month.  Call 801.636.9187