Harkening back to the grace and grandeur of the era which knew such giants as, Abraham Lincoln, John Taylor, and Wilford Woodruff, this charming old building, originally built in 1891, original home of the Union Hotel will soon hold within her well-loved walls this fall, the Kimber Academy of Lehi. Dedicated to God, Family and Country, this Academy helps support parents as they instill these time honored values in the lives of their Families. Come take a tour of our charming old building and discover if Kimber Academy is right for your Family!



Kimber Academy is a restoration program. To understand restoring, one must understand that to restore and bring back life into something, something must have drifted, been changed, or is now corrupted. True education must be rooted in correct virtuous principles. Weak standards distort and destroy our efforts to improve ourselves, strengthen our families, build our communities, and secure our peace and happiness.

We believe the Founding Fathers were correct in their beliefs that God should be the foundation of education. In our young nation, the Bible was used as a textbook for the purpose of teaching children moral principles to live by. We also believe through the prophet Joseph Smith that the correct principles of education have been given, and now need to be restored.  The revelations of God contain the answers to the hotly debated educational, cultural, societal and political issues of our time. We are dedicated to building on the rock of this revelation. By returning back to and improving and perpetuating these revealed principles as our foundation, we believe the Lord will entrust a new generation to take fire through a reawakening stretching across the world! 



True Education, Constitution according to the Founding Fathers, Holidays, Patriarchal Father, Creationism, Music, Dance, Amusements, Priesthood (not magic), Holiness, Stewardship, Complementing Genders, Dating Principles, and so forth.



  • Private K-Adults
  • Restoration Program for Education
  • Hebrew Model of Education (Educating the whole family)
  • Christian/Latter Day Saint, family faith-based academy
  • Non Accredited/Non State Certified
  • 12-15 Hours a week
  • Early Graduation and College Prep (beginning as young as 12).



  • Temporal and spiritual cannot be separated
  • The Lord’s ways are not always practical or popular
  • All curriculum should be in harmony with revealed truth
  • No true science without religion
  • Taxes should never support education
  • Sacrifices always bring about blessings 100 fold
  • The home environment is the true seed of knowledge. School is only an extension of the home.
  • Scriptures are the primary textbooks
  • Teachers must be examples and teach with the spirit of God
  • An academy based on revealed principles, but methods are line upon line



  • Teachings of the prophet Joseph Smith and the presidents of the church
  • Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price, Doctrine and Covenants, Old Testament, New Testament
  • Journal of Discourses
  • Kimber Academy curriclucm, written by W. Cleon Skousen, Julianne Skousen Kimber, and Dr. Glenn J. Kimber (see below the curriculum links)
  • 5000 Year Leap, written by W. Cleon Skousen
  • Naked Communist, written by W. Cleon Skousen
  • Making of America, written by W. Cleon Skousen



  • Teaching children “how to learn,”  “apply and govern with correct principles of life,”  and to “lead, not follow”
  • Values and virtue restored- by creating a sin resistant generation
  • Constitution taught and 28 Principles of Liberty memorized
  • Restoring all words as Joseph Smith revealed
  • Teach history from the Founding Fathers perspective
  • Students will learn how to teach, and teach to the world
  • Students will learn how to write a book for the LDS audience in their math and science
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn valuable skills and preparedness through meaningful class projects and electives
  • Culture restoration with music, dance, holidays, literature, media etc.