Holidays and Celebrations


We are dedicated to restoring and building upon correct principles. By restoring our foundational moorings, the Lord will empower a new generation to ignite a rebirth stretching across the world! Our hope and our dream is to move “forward, not backward” for the Lord Jesus Christ by empowering students and families with the sword of truth as contained in the scriptures and inspired words of Latter-day Prophets.

At Kimber Academy we are involved in restorating not just with education, but all principles that were given to Joseph Smith. These principles include parenting, courting, patriarchal order, music, dance, literature, creation, and so forth. With restoring correct principles we also are focusing on holidays and times of worship and celebration. Many Christian holidays have either been lost and hidden, or were hijacked with pagan practices now.


Below you will find a list of the holidays we are learning about at Kimber Academy.

February 28th – Day the Scottish National Covenant was signed (Scottish festivities!)

April- Christ’s Birth and Resurrection /  Restoration of the Church/ National Covenant Day

May- National Prayer Day

July- Independence day/ Pioneer Day

September- Constitution Day

October- Columbus day/ Reformation

November- Pilgrims and Puritans & Thanksgiving

December-  Joseph Smith’s Birthday

*The 7 Feasts will also be recognized

Holidays celebrated at home- Halloween, Martin Luther King day, Valentine’s, St. Patrick, Christmas