Junior B Class (ages 9-11)

“With God, all things are possible!”

Welcome to the Junior B Page!  We hope what you are looking for, for your child can be found here.


Students will gather with other like minded students to accomplish the four main of objectives of Kimber Academy. 

  • A place for tutoring, studying and class projects with their Language Arts, Science, and Math. This will be based upon the curriculum and its requirements.  Speed, quality, and quantity will be decided by parent.
  • A place for service. Students will be learning how to serve
  • A place to socialize. Students will learn different holidays and celebrations and participate in service activities, etc.
  • A place for an indepth study on the Book of Mormon, and History taught from the perspective of the Founding Fathers. Students will also be taught correct Restoration principles for: education, parenting, patriarchal order, music, dance, creation, worship and celebrating etc.


Classroom Schedule:

Schedule is bound to change to meet the needs of the 4 purposes of Kimber. This is only an outline.

Morning Devotional- 8:30-8:40
Recall- 8:40-9:00
Book of Mormon- 9:00-9:30
Curriculum Time- 9:30-11:45. Students will work on their goals that are set by parents in their Science, Math and Language Arts
History- 11:45-12:30
There is a 10 min break


Students will be doing class projects together and learning to serve, using their Language Arts. Students will also be journaling all of their service projects for the year.



Each year a student body council is selected by parents. This council consists of 3 members, and will oversee the the classroom devotionals.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Writing Requirement:

Students at this age will be required to write their own textbooks known as a Binder Book for their Math and Science.

Students will learn “how to learn” by completing 6 steps in this process. They will learn how to research in the scriptures, and textbooks, illustrate, create a cover, bibliography, title pages etc. and then bound it for resale if desire.

**Please note: students will NOT be able to accomplish all their work needed for their Binder Books or projects during this time. After school hours or Mon/Friday will have to have designated time set aside for goals to be accomplished depending upon parent’s desire for academics.


Junior B Enrollments:

Students must know their addition and subtraction 1-12 under 3 minutes.

Students must be able to read the McGuffey Primer Book

Students must be able to pass the Sunshine Test for skills and attitude (see Administrator).


Class Instructor:

Junior B Teacher: Julie Hatch

Julie Hatch is a Family Communications Expert, author, speaker, trainer and radio host. Julie bridges the gap between parents and children by equipping parents with tools and skills that will result in powerful, positive transformation within the family dynamic.

Recently Julie has become a teacher at Kimber Academy, and teaches the ages 9-11. Her fun, bubbly personality is wonderful for this age as they begin to research, and discover gospel truths together in all subjects. Her love for the gospel and church history is very contagious.

​Julie is a homeschooling mom. She has three children – two have left the nest, and the youngest attends with her. She has been married to the love of her life for nine years.