Junior Preparatory (Ages 4-5)


Children will gather with other like minded students to accomplish the four main objectives of Kimber Academy.

• A place for an in-depth study on the Book of Mormon, using How to Teach my Child to Read using the Book of Mormon, Language Arts and William H. McGuffey Primer. Children will also be introduced to Heavenly Father’s Favorite Numbers written by Julianne Kimber.  Music, Art, Role playing and so much more will be included in the day.

• A place for character, moral and value training. A place for intrinsic talents developed and strengthened using these lessons. (apply knowledge, search the scriptures, govern, serve, and ponder).

• A place for service. Children will be learning how to serve with other classmates, and as a school.

• A place to socialize. Students will learn different holidays and celebrations and will also participate in service activities. Students will also do hands on learning together in art, music, etc.


Every month the class will rotate officers who will oversee the morning devotional. (Hymn, prayer, pledge and scripture).


  • Students who have learned the entire upper and lower case alphabet, numbers 1-10, and can actively participate in 4 hours of class time instruction without separation anxiety.
  • Tuesday and Thursday only
  • 8:30-12:30