Each class is necessary to give the students and opportunity to develop and perfect talents. In an elective class students will be able to internalize the intrinsic values learned in the core subjects by practicing them, and hence changing them from principles to talents.

Intrinsic Values:
Religious studies- Learning how to Apply Scriptures to everyday life
Language Arts- Learning how to Lose Oneself in Academic Service
Science- Learning how to Search the Scriptures
Mathematics- Learning how to Think and Govern using Correct Principles
History- Learning how to Ponder in the Heart

Elective Event

It is important to note that the talents (Intrinsic Values) are attached to each elective class. In each elective class series students are given an opportunity to use it and perform it in our Elective Showcase. This is usually at the end of each elective series, a four or five week session. This will give the students an opportunity to use and perform their talents in appropriate service. Students may also be asked to perform for parent night or other special events in the year.