Brad and Julie Smith

Lehi Academy Established 2007
Brad and Julie Smith, became owners of the Lehi Academy in 2009. They started their journey at Kimber, after 16 years of homeschooling. They have 5 children ranging from ages 24-16. They also have two grandchildren.


Administrator and Junior A/B Teacher (ages 6-11)

Julie Smith

Julie has a love for the restoration of the revealed educational principles found in the scriptures. The principles speak to her heart as a mother of 5 children, and now as a grandmother. Julie is very dedicated to educating the generation destined to build Zion, restore the Constitution, proclaim the Gospel, fulfill prophecy, and usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ, by helping families to build a foundation of knowledge through an educational system that places God, and correct principles into every academic subject. 

Julie, has been an educator for the academy for 9 years, and is a certified teacher for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies, and both has  have worked with youth and in many leadership roles in their church. She also helps out with the Joseph Smith Foundation in defending Joseph Smith through projects, and has also worked as Regional Consultant for other KA academies in Idaho, Utah and Arizona for 3 years, helping to set up others academies.


Senior Director (ages 12-18)

Amber Schmidt

Amber lives in West Jordan with her husband and four children ranging in ages from seventeen to ten. She lived most of her childhood years in the neighboring city Taylorsville. She attended Salt Lake Community College and graduated from Ricks College. Upon returning home from serving in the Alabama Birmingham Mission she continued her formal education receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Human Development from Utah State University. She has a desire to learn but for the purpose to change oneself. She believes that our homes are divinely designed to foster learning and spiritual development. Amber loves the Lord’s principles of education, and is excited to teach them. Amber is not a stranger to the program as her and her family had attended a former Salt Lake County Kimber Academy years prior.


Senior Book of Mormon Teacher (ages 12-18)

This class is a live streaming with Dr. Glenn J. Kimber and others participating in the Distant Learning program around the country. Students will interact and build relationships with other schools. 

During the past number of years, Dr. Kimber has presented hundreds of educational and patriotic seminars and conferences covering all 50 states and in a number of foreign countries. He receiving two Doctorate degrees, one in Constitutional Studies from Coral Ridge Baptist University, based in Florida. Later on he received a second Doctorate in education from George Wythe College.

In the 1990s, Dr. Kimber and his wife established a series of private schools called the Benjamin Franklin Academies to incorporate back into the classroom a strong moral and patriotic curriculum.  In 2001 he changed the name to Kimber Academy, designed for students ages K – 12.  He and his wife have authored over 100 textbooks and educational guides which emphasize the U.S. Constitution, America’s Founding Fathers, and moral and religious values in all five core subjects.

In addition to being founder of the Kimber Academies, Dr. Kimber is currently president of the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration, and in that capacity conducts seminars throughout the United States called “The Healing of America.”  This seminar series teaches participants 1) the founding of America, 2) the establishment of the U.S. Constitution, 3) America’s drift from the Constitution, and 4) how the greatness of America can be restored.

Dr. Kimber has served as a tour guide to many countries, including Israel, Jordan, Egypt, and central America as an educator.  He has worked for many years with Hebrew University in connection with the Beit-Lehi Archeological site near Jerusalem.

He and his wife Julianne are the parents of 8 children, grandparents of 31, and currently reside in Cedar City, Utah.

Senior History teacher (ages 12-18)

Larry Hill

Brother Hill has taught at the Kimber Academy for 18 years and is a very passionate teacher. He has taught American Civic’s, Influences of Religion, and the 5000 Year Leap to others. His students will learn the Constitution and God’s laws, as it is taught amongst the 5 subjects at Kimber Academy. 

Larry is a former marine and brings stories along with discipline into his classroom that the students love. He and his sweet wife live in West Valley and have had 9 children together.


Junior Prep Teacher (ages 4/5)

Laureen Madsen

Laureen was born and raised in Orem, Utah, and is the 39th grandchild of the late Dr. W. Cleon Skousen.  She was home taught through her elementary years and graduated from Orem High School at the age of 16, and later graduated from UVU (UVSC at the time) with an Associate Degree in Applied Science “Computer Graphics Specialization”.  She traveled to several countries and has been to 49 of our 50 nifty United States.  She has always had a love for animals, art, her country, and has enjoyed being with children since babysitting and teaching at church.  Married for fourteen years, Laureen has 6 children (5 living) and home teaches them.  She is so happy to be apart of the Kimber Academy and looks forward to sharing her love for the Savior and His work, and meeting more wonderful people!

Laureen is also our Tuesday art teacher in our afternoon program.