Brad and Julie Smith

Lehi Academy Established 2007
Brad and Julie Smith, became owners of the Lehi Academy in 2009. They started their journey at Kimber, after 16 years of homeschooling. They have 5 children ranging from ages 24-16. They also have two grandchildren.


Administrator and Student Dean :

Julie Smith

Julie, has been an educator for the academy for 9 years, and is a certified teacher for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Studies, and both Brad and Julie have worked with youth and in many leadership roles in their church. Julie also helps out with the Joseph Smith Foundation in defending Joseph Smith through projects.

Julie has a love for the restoration of the revealed educational principles found in the scriptures. The principles speak to her heart as a mother of 5 children, and now as a grandmother. Julie is very dedicated to educating the generation destined to build Zion, restore the Constitution, proclaim the Gospel, fulfill prophecy, and usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ, by helping families to build a foundation of knowledge through an educational system that places God, and correct principles into every academic subject. The Smiths also worked as Regional Consultants for other KA academies in Idaho, Utah and Arizona for 3 years, helping to set up others academies, and teaching new owners what they love most.  Kimber Academy has been a blessing for the Smiths, as they have seen what a principle education can do to families, as well as their own. These principles in restoring God, family and country need to be restored and shared with everyone.

Julie will also be working as a project leader with her daughter for the Restoration Class below on the Words of Joseph Smith 


Senior Teacher (ages 12-18)

Amber Schmidt

Amber  lives in West Jordan with her husband and four children ranging in ages from seventeen to ten. She lived most of her childhood years in the neighboring city Taylorsville. She attended Salt Lake Community College and graduated from Ricks College. Upon returning home from serving in the Alabama Birmingham Mission she continued her formal education receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Human Development from Utah State University. She has a desire to learn but for the purpose to change oneself. She believes that our homes are divinely designed to foster learning and spiritual development. Amber loves the Lord’s principles of education, and is excited to teach them. Amber is not a stranger to the program as her and her family had attended a former Salt Lake County Kimber Academy years prior.


Junior B Teacher (ages 9-11), and Restoration Teacher for Social Media

Julie Hatch

Julie Hatch has a background in education, psychology, and business management.  Upon moving to northern Utah six years ago, she returned to school and eventually started her own business, authored two books, and hosted a radio show.  Julie has always considered teaching her true calling in life and was excited to return to it in 2016.

Julie has served in her church with children from infancy to adolescence for over sixteen years and considers it one of her greatest honors.  She is a mother of three (two are adults) and has been married for ten years.  She homeschools her daughter and loves teaching at Kimber Academy.  In her spare time, she continues to write, volunteers as an administrator for a social media group, has recently taken up homesteading and is learning Hebrew and guitar.


Junior A Teacher (ages 6-8), and Restoration Teacher for Art

Laureen Madsen

Laureen was born and raised in Orem, Utah, and is the 39th grandchild of the late Dr. W. Cleon Skousen.  She was home taught through her elementary years and graduated from Orem High School at the age of 16, and later graduated from UVU (UVSC at the time) with an Associate Degree in Applied Science “Computer Graphics Specialization”.  She traveled to several countries and has been to 49 of our 50 nifty United States.  She has always had a love for animals, art, her country, and has enjoyed being with children since babysitting and teaching at church.  Married for fourteen years, Laureen has 6 children (5 living) and home teaches them.  She is so happy to be apart of the Kimber Academy and looks forward to sharing her love for the Savior and His work, and meeting more wonderful people!


Junior Prep Teacher (ages 4-5): 

Jennifer Davidson
Jennifer found Kimber Academy through her husband as he was educated by Glenn Kimber years ago. Jennifer, a former teacher decided she wanted to find a new community for her family that would fit with her core values.  She is a mother who is passionate about learning and teaching her children the gospel. She has a thirst for the educational principles the scriptures lay out for families.  She also loves homeschooling, music, cooking, and library trips with her children.


Event Director and Restoration Teacher for Lives of the Prophets

Tresa Fowler

Tresa was born in California and raised in Utah County.  Growing up, she enjoyed camping with her family, sewing and spending summers with her grandparents in California.  After graduating from American Fork High School, she attended BYU and studied history.  While a senior in high school, she met her future husband, Greg, at a stake service project and they were married one year later in the Manti Temple.  They have four children – Gavin (19), Enoch (12), Kate (9) and Guard (5).  Tresa enjoys traveling with her family (especially Arches National Park and San Diego), decorating her home, Independence Day, peaches and, of course, being with her amazing family.  She loves watching her children learn, create and share their talents.  It is a great joy for her to grow and share her testimony with her children and see their testimonies grow as well.
Tresa feels very blessed to have found Kimber Academy, which combines her three greatest loves – the Gospel, her family and her country.   She is excited to be a part of the Restoration Generation program and also help her Kimber family celebrate meaningful holidays and create new traditions centered around our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Rising Generation 

 There is an awakening happening in Christianity today; there is a heart’s desire among God’s people to return to our roots and to discover where we come from, and to stop following the traditions. Please visit for more details. Our Restoration Program is an after school program to help students prepare for the future in skills, preparedness and restoring a Zion culture based upon our roots.

Restoration Teacher- CivicsPrinciples of Liberty

Larry Hill

Larry Hill has been with the Kimber Academy for the 16 years. He started out with the Benjamin Franklin Academies, with Dr. Glenn Kimber. He has a desire to put young people on the road to know who they are, why they are here and what they can obtain. He loves to instill in them integrity and a love for God, family and country.

Larry and his wife, Mary, have 9 children. He is a jack of all trades and a master of none. He has self educated himself, and want to teach others the joy of it. He has also served his country for 4 years for U.S.M.C.

If you are looking for a fantastic teacher, who will instill a love of God, family and country into your child’s life, then look no longer. Larry is an amazing History and Civics teacher, and your child will gain a deep love of this covenant land we call America!


Restoration Teacher- Computers

Greg Fowler

Greg was born and raised in Lehi (8th generation on both sides of his family).  While growing up he enjoyed playing the saxophone, building model rockets with his dad and boating on Utah Lake.  He served in the England, Bristol mission and loved it, especially his time spent in Wales.  He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering.  He has worked as a software engineer for 20 years.  He has been married to his wife, Tresa, for 22 years and they have four children – Gavin (19), Enoch (12), Kate (9) and Guard (5).  He loves Lake Powell, lemons, reading, and teaching Primary.  He especially loves his Savior, Jesus Christ and is eternally grateful for his testimony of Him and His Gospel.


Restoration Teacher- Dance 

Helen Kepoo

Helen grew up on a 60+ acre farm in TN where her 6 siblings and  her got to spend an abundance of time exploring everywhere and developing our their imagination and figuring out what to do with our down time (pushing down dead trees, following their many animals, finding goodies on the many edible plants and trees, etc.). She will forever be grateful that we also had to work hard to keep things going on the farm.  Helen deeply values hard work and love seeing the fruits of her hard work.  All her years growing up, all she ever wanted to be was a good mom and spend endless hours teaching, reading to, and playing with her children, and she is so blessed to be able to do exactly that!  Helen has a passion for healthy living and staying as close to Heavenly Father and the Spirit at all times, and work hard to instill the same love in her 4 children.  She loves researching (looking for further light and knowledge) to find out the best way to do anything and find it crucial to always include the scriptures, modern revelation, and Heavenly Father in all of her research.  Since discovering teaching the “Kimber” way, teaching her children has become much more of a joy for herself and her children.  She has dedicated her children to the Lord and teach them day to day what the Spirit wants them to know.



Restoration Teacher- Dance and preparedness class Survival 

Zach Iroze






Restoration Teacher- Music  

Sera Smith

Meet 18 year old Sera, former student of Kimber Academy. Sera has had a passion for music and all instruments. She self- taught herself the basic piano, and the violin and currently has picked up the  ukulele to learn hymns with.   Sera was introduced to the correct music principles of the Lord and his prophets which has changed her life forever. She enjoys teaching now these music principles to both youth and adults through one on one conversations or through a fireside.  Sera has a special way of reaching others through this passion, and continues to help as many youth as she can spiritually stay alive through this standard the Lord has set.


Restoration Teacher- Music

Ellis Schmidt

Ellis, 15 years old, was born and raised in West Jordan where the Schmidt family has resided for over a hundred years. His interest in music began at age 5 when he was introduced to the piano. He demonstrated a gift for sight reading and accelerated through 5 1/2 years of instruction. Currently he is serving a stake calling as Primary pianist for the Spanish Ward. He enjoys learning challenging pieces of music and continues to refine his skills. He has recently gained an understanding of the power of music and as a consequence has elevated his music choices.


Restoration Teacher- Missionary Prep

Jordan Jarman

Jordan recently returned home from serving a two year mission in Vancouver, WA for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and it was one of the greatest things he has been a part of. He has since applied to teach at the MTC. Jordan grew up in La Grange, NC with his parents, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He home schooled most of his life and received his Eagle Scout award when he was 16. He enjoys sports, traveling, the beach, playing the guitar, music, cars, the great outdoors, and many other things! He also loved teaching the gospel and can’t wait to teach the mission preparation class.




Restoration Teacher- Herbal Preparedness

Tatia Nelson
Tatia is a well-known presenter in the Health Industry. She formerly founded and directed a school teaching medical self-reliance and housed workshops such as the Emergency Childbirth course. She is also a Health Mentor, Licensed Native American Healer, and National Anthem Singer   Passionate about health and helping people, she graduated from BYU with a BS in Psychology and minor in Music. She later earned a Master Herbalist degree from the School of Natural Healing. She has over 25 years of experience in the natural healing industry.