Thank you for considering Kimber Academy as an extension to your Family’s educational goals!  Every step of our Admissions process is designed to help each family determine if the Academy is the right choice for them.


1) Learn about Kimber Academy

  • One of the initial steps in determining if the Academy is the right step for your Family is by attending for a week and observing. We encourage both student and a parent to attend as much as they can in a week, before enrolling. To learn about Kimber Academy, one must not only see it, but feel it in operation.
  • When school is not in operations, we ask that parents watch an online version of the class, getting a feel for what the academy is about. The live classroom is the academy in Cedar City. JUNIOR:  SENIOR:


2) Now that you are ready to apply

  • Once you have visited the school, explored the website, and listened to all the audio, we invite you to fill out our online application, CLICK HERE.
  • An Application fee of $125 (ages 6-8) and $140 (ages 12+) must be submitted with the application
  • Shortly after receiving your completed application, your Family will be contacted, via email, for your Admissions Interview.
  • All applicants over 12 years of age are required to bring to this interview 2 letters of character reference. One letter must be from their ecclesiastical leader, one can be from additional leader, parent, neighbor etc. In addition to two letters, all enrolling students 12 and older must submit an essay of “Why I want to attend Kimber Academy.”
  • All letters and essay are to be brought to your child’s Admissions.


3) Admissions Interview

  • Our Admissions Interview is yet another opportunity for Families to learn more about why & how Kimber Academy is unique & how the high standards here upheld can help your Family to gain more confidence before the Lord as we learn & grow together.
  • This meeting is for the all those who are enrolling, and both parents if possible. Both signatures will be needed from parents.
  • Plan on spending an hour together as we review the Academy standards, dress & behavior codes, as well as mutual expectations.  All who then wish to proceed may sign our Memo of Understanding.
  • If for some reason after reviewing all documents and expectations a parent wishes not to enroll, their application fee is forfeited.
  • If for some reason after reviewing all documents and expectations and a school does not find that the academy is not a good fit, the academy will return the application fee.


While this process may seem lengthy to some, it is important that all Families who choose to learn with Kimber Academy understand that because we desire to be taught of the Lord in both our homes & our classrooms, our choices must reflect that desire in all we do.

Welcome to Kimber Academy!





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