1) Month to Month Plan

  • $3476 per student annually or
  • 9 payments, $385 monthly
  • $175 app/material fee per child (non-refundable).
  • Curriculum is included
  • NO CONTRACT REQUIRED- student may withdraw at any time without given notice.


2) Contract Plan

  • $3000 per student annually 
  • $333 a month or 12 payments of $240 monthly if desired
  • Ages 12+ application/material fee $150 (non-refundable).
  • Curriculum is included
  • CONTRACT REQUIRED- credit/debit card must accompany this form, if a family leaves early they will be charged the remainder of their contract at time of departure. Early buyout is an option only within the first 90 days of enrollment.


Families desiring to attend part time

$100 for one day a week
 Testing and Curriculum not included


Distant Learning Option

This is a great new program to be a part of the local academy and to still enjoy the pleasures of being home full time.  This  program includes for families:

  • Curriculum
  • Online viewing of a live daily class for both seniors (ages 12-18) and Juniors (ages 6-9)
  • 90 Day testing
  • Family Training Nights
  • Monthly Dean meetings; an academic training one one one
  • Student contact from other students
  • Field Trips
  • Join activities ( cost may be included)
  • Discount for attending elective classes

$160 a month per child/$100 application fee

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