Blessing Bags

Blessing Bags

“It is a duty which every Saint ought to render to his brethren freely—to always love them, and ever succor them. James 1:27

The students of Kimber Academy this week were able to serve through the act of assembling Blessing Bags for those in need. The older class decided this was a great way for all to participate, as they oversaw this activity with collections and set up for the younger children, to make as many bags as they could.  Each child brought items to donate to be put in a gallon size bag such as : toothpaste, toothbrush, granola bars, hand warmers, all purpose wipes, water, oatmeal, gum, hard candy, bandages, socks, and more. They wrote letters of encouragement also for each bag and receiver. The students were able to make 50+ bags to serve others with this season.

Students are encouraged to think of others inside the school, outside of the school,and  even to try to take it beyond their local neighborhoods with ideas, on how to lift others through their words and actions. Some of the service they have participated in this year have been a 100 cards created with Thanksgiving pies they served to the elderly, they also performed a nativity and music program and now Blessing Bags for the homeless. Within the school each class also tries to serve each other in different ways, such as the older children will help with tutoring, or reading to the younger children daily, which is known as “Reading Buddies”. The younger children have reciprocated that service with homemade games, singing songs, or they have delivered anonymously, notes to others with encouragement using different forms of communication. (poetry, singing, teaching, storytelling, letter writing, etc.)

The Kimber program is designed to take the drudgery out of learning the mechanics of our language by actually applying their knowledge in service, students learn to perfect their skills along the way.

Language arts is the “art of communication.” When students learn proper grammar, spelling, and language skills, they are better prepared to communicate and share the gospel with others.  The plan of this curriculum is to teach the student the beauty of communicating their thoughts and words, so they can help others gain an appreciation for the Creator. Using their Language arts skills, the Kimber Language arts program teaches students to share the beauty of language with all kinds of service projects. Students begin to use self-expression on a higher plane because they use the “art of language” from the scriptures and the classics. They show how they feel about life and God through stories, poetry and thought.

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