Heather Juvenal, graduated at age 16








Kortney Blatter, graduated at 13. Since leaving she has studied Alternative Medicine & Holistic Nutrition/Natural Health at Dr. Christopher’s School of Natural Healing. She is moving to Italy in a couple weeks to be an au pair, and then to china to teach English.




LaLane 2ne Lillywhite, graduated age 14





Kierra 2Kiera Kunz, graduated age 16





Kyla Kunz, graduated age 14





Landon Nelson, graduated age 18. He recently returned from his mission in the Paris France Mission.







Jay Ottesen, graduated age 17  and joined the Marines and is currently stationed in Okinawa working as a Combat Engineer.

Rachel Ottesen, graduated age 15 and will be graduating from SUU at age 19 with a major in accounting.


10001570_10201477930462614_5243959159693094085_nAmeer Mughal, graduated at age 18 and is currently serving an LDS mission in the Jackson, Mississippi Mission




10678532_10204605546313359_724758249043033911_nNathan Willard,  graduated at age 15
Nathan recently completed a year of concurrent enrollment and is planning on the same for the fall. He is working a lot of odd jobs and teaching piano lessons. He is also trying to finish his Eagle Scout.  He hopes to get his associates before he leaves on his LDS mission in two years.



ben3(1)Ben Wilkinson,  graduated at age 16






Jenica Ewell, graduated at age 18 and served an LDS mission. Jenica is married and has her first child.




375339_2665852382099_1352615372_nCodi Petersen, graduated at age 15.






10423974_10204955607442076_1342420382825247425_nMegan Williams, graduated at age 16. Served an LDS mission






Malyee Murphy, graduated at age 13 and then became a dental assistant by age 16. Currently she is attending the LDS Businesses College in Salt Lake.  She is earning two associates degrees, one in entrepreneurship and the other is integrated studies (generals). 



252822_102168829876390_1903632_nSpencer Wilkinson
Graduated at age 16.





ShaziTaylorShazia Mughal, graduated at 17, She earned an Associate degree at Salt Lake Community College, received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University and is currently traveling the world for a year with her Husband, Taylor Chiu.




JensPinkJensen Lillywhite, graduated at 14, She earned a second diploma at Murray High School and completed concurrent enrollment to earn an Associate Degree at Salt Lake Community College and was awarded the New Century Scholarship.  She graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and is currently serving in the Poland, Warsaw Mission.







Ailsa Lillywhite, graduated at 16, She earned an Associate degree at Salt Lake Community College and was awarded the New Century Scholarship. She graduated from the University of Utah and served in the Houston, Texas-Spanish speaking Mission.  She is a second year student at the J. Reuben Clark School of Law at Brigham Young University.






Emery Melendez, graduated at age 16.  Since then, she has taught at several private schools; including international teaching experiences. She has a BA in Educational Studies. She served a full time mission, married the love of her life, has a 2 year old daughter and another baby on the way.  She is currently working on publishing an article on teacher preparation in various educational journals and is planning to open her own preschool within the next year.





Chandler Copenhaver, Started attending at the age of 12, at the Murray Utah Academy and then finished at the  Layton KA . While attending the Layton Kimber Academy, Chandler became heavily involved as a Student Body Officer, traveling all across the country, to WA, KA, NM, ID and all around UT.  He also was able to visit the Holy Lands with the Kimbers, 3 times.

After graduating at age 16, he completed some early college and then fulfilled a 2 year mission to Japan. Now, 4 years since returning, Chandler has married and is working to pay his way through school. Chandler is currently student at Weber State University studying for a major in Child and Family Studies, with a business emphasis, and both a Entrepreneurship and Japanese minor. He will be graduating this spring, with a Bachelors and starting his own business.






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