“I am, I can, I ought, I will!”



Students will gather with other like minded students to accomplish the four main objectives of Kimber Academy.

• A place for an in-depth study on the Book of Mormon and History taught from the perspective of the Founding Fathers. Students will also be taught correct Restoration principles for: education, parenting, patriarchal order, music, dance, creation, worship and celebrating etc.

• A place for character, moral and value training. A place for intrinsic talents developed and strengthened using their 5 subjects as lessons. (apply knowledge, search the scriptures, govern, serve, and ponder).

• A place for service. Students will be learning how to serve with other classmates, and as a school.

• A place to socialize. Students will learn different holidays and celebrations and will also participate in service activities. Students will also do hands on learning together in art, music, etc.



Every month the class will rotate officers who will oversee the morning devotional. (Hymn, prayer, pledge and scripture).



Students will be doing class projects together and learning to serve, using their Language Arts.


Writing Requirement:

** Students at this age will learning how to organize and compile their learning into an academic “scrapbook.” This is the beginning stage in learning how to write their own textbooks later.

**Please note: students may not be able to complete all their work needed for their scrapbooks or projects during class instruction time. Depending on each parent and student individual academic goals, work will need to be done outside of Kimber classroom time.


Classroom Schedule: 

This is a general outline and is subject to change in order to meet the needs of the 4 purposes of Kimber.


• Morning Devotional- 8:30-8:45
• Written Recall- 8:45-9:00
• Book of Mormon- 9:00-9:30
• Curriculum Time- 9:30-11:45*
• History- 11:45-12:15
• Closing Devotional/Oral Recall – 12:15-12:30

*There will be a 10 min break during curriculum instruction


Junior A Enrollment Requirements:

• Students must be able to read the Eclectic McGuffey Reader Book independently
• Students must know the sounds of each alphabet letter
• Students must be able to pass the “Sunshine Test” which will evaluate skills and attitude for the class (see Administrator)


Class Instructor:

Junior A Teacher: Michelle Jensen

Meet Michelle Jensen, our new Junior A teacher for ages 6-8 years of age. Michelle is a sweet mother of 7 children ranging from ages 23-3 years of age. Both Michelle and her husband Joe, found Kimber Academy 2 years ago when they were looking for a social and structural supplement to their homeschooling. They instantly fell in love with the environment, inspired curriculum, and the focus on the family. The Jensen family loves the extra time that the academy gives back to their families with the shortened days.

Michelle; a registered nurse of 21 years recently quit her job to be a full time mother and teacher at Kimber Academy! Her hobbies and passions include: motherhood, traveling, mending, preparedness and so much more.


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