90 Day Parent Orientation

With the beginning of your child’s education, new parents may be asking many questions that relate to Kimber Academy and its policies. To answer these questions, and to understand the classroom better, we require an orientation for parents within their three first month of enrolling. Below are the following requirements.

Attend an Orientation:  Parents will be required to attend one full day. They will be reviewing the handbook, and learning about the curriclucm. This is a mandatory meeting, and both parents are encouraged to attend. This is for parents only, children in arms may attend. Please see local administrator to schedule your orientation.


Visit the Classroom:  Parents will be asked to attend one day in the classroom, working in the curriculum and assisting as needed. If a parent has more than one child in different classes, than a parent will be asked to attend more than one day at the academy. This will give parents an opportunity to both see, and feel how a class operates. Children in arms may attend.



Video training: Parents will be asked to watch all 7 Parent training videos of the principles of Kimber Academy. Please see administration in borrowing the videos.


Parents have up to 90 days to complete the orientation process. If not completed your child will be restricted in attending until orientation is completed.




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