Parent Night is a mandatory 2 hour meeting that will be held quarterly for 2017.  This is an evening for parents to discuss what is happening in their child’s classroom, hear from teachers and learn together topics as needed.

Parent Nights will be held October, January, and April.

Topics may include: 

    Why do we only go three days a week?
    Why do we not assign homework?
    Why do we have curriculum that seems so “basic”?
    Why do the Intrinsic Values come before academics?
    Why do we emphasize the Spirit?
    Why don’t we look like everyone else?  
    Why do we teach Book of Mormon?
    Why do we incorporate religion and morality?
Parents who do not attend, or who did not send someone in their place, will be charged $50 per student.  For this program to be successful, we must have each parent on board and aware of what is happening and take an active role in their child’s education, as we, as an administration are only the guides.



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