imagesWe are looking for a few others to join our council this year. We are looking for parents who really understand this philosophy and would like to help out in important areas of the school.

The Parent Advisory Council, is a group of 5-10 selected couples, that will work with the administration in seeing that special events at Kimber Academy are fulfilled, and parents have an opportunity to volunteer.

The P.A.C. for the American Fork Academy, will help coordinate in the following areas:

  • Talent Show
  • 1st Thanksgiving/program
  • Christmas Activity
  • Book of Mormon read-athon
  • “I am” presentation,
  • Spring Family Dance
  • End of the year Academic Olympics
  • Senior Show case / Jr- Take your hat off Musical

Also helps with:

  • Help in the interviewing process for teachers, or student body officers
  • Over see the end of the year picnic and closing ceremony
  • Helps with holidays, that they align in restoring God, family and country based on the bible
  • Assist the Administration in suggestions and counseling of selected areas of need


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