“. . . if the youth will turn their hearts and affections to the Lord their God, they will be prepared to enter into the glory we are contending for, they will be prepared to redeem Zion.” — Brigham Young


Welcome to the Senior Class Page!  We hope what you are looking for, for your young adult can be found here. 


Students will gather with other like-minded students to accomplish the four main of objectives of Kimber Academy. 

  • A place for tutoring, studying and class projects with their Language Arts, Science, and Math. This will be based upon the curriculum and its requirements.  Speed, quality, and quantity will be decided by parent.
  • A place for service. Students will be learning how to serve; each other, in the junior classes, and worldwide through projects.
  • A place to socialize. Students will learn different holidays and celebrations, attend the temple, and through service activities, etc.
  • A place for an in-depth study on the Book of Mormon, and History taught from the perspective of the Founding Fathers. Students will also be taught correct Restoration principles for: education, parenting, patriarchal order, music, dance, creation, worship and celebrating etc.


Classroom Schedule:

Schedule is bound to change to meet the needs of the 4 purposes of Kimber. This is only an outline.

Morning Devotional- 8:30-8:40
Recall- 8:40-9:00
Book of Mormon- 9:00-9:30
Curriculum Time- 9:30-11:45
Students will work on their goals that are set by parents in their Science, Math and Language Arts
History- 11:45-12:30
Morning Devotional- 8:30-8:40
Recall- 8:40-9:00
Book of Mormon and the Restoration- 9:00-9:30
Language Arts Projects- 9:30-11:45
History- 11:45-12:30
**There is a 10 min break
Students will also rotate serving in the Junior classes for 10 mins a day

Writing Requirement:

Students at this age will be required to write their own textbooks known as a Best Book for their Math and Science.

Students will learn how to learn by completing steps in writing a book. They will learn how to research in the scriptures, and textbooks, illustrate, create a cover, bibliography, title pages etc. and then bound it for resale if desire.

**Please note: students will NOT be able to accomplish all their work needed for their Best Books or projects during this time. After school hours or Mon/Friday will have to have designated time set aside for goals to be accomplished depending upon parent’s desire for academics.


Students may be doing class projects together and learning to serve, using their Language Arts. These projects may include articles, podcasts, videos, websites, etc.



Each year a student body council is selected by parents. This council consists of 3-5 members, and will oversee the activities, devotionals, and service of the school.


Class Instructor:

Julie Smith, became owner of the Lehi Academy in 2009.  Her and her husband started their journey at Kimber Academy, after 16 years of homeschooling.  Their older children at that time were needing more peers and service opportunities, so the Smith’s looked into the program after being led to it. Because KA offers not only a social program with like minded youth, but also a parent involved program that recognizes parents with the stewardship to teach their own children, the Smiths joined. They had no idea, that shortly thereafter they would become owners of the academy. 

Julie, began teaching the seniors within a few months, and loved for herself the curriculum. She had never heard history as it was presented in the manuals, and could not get enough of it.  Julie, loves being with the youth and loves watching them awaken to truths they had not heard before and start living these principles in their lives.   Her favorite part of teaching is when students are taught about the restoration and what was restored, and then the counterfeits to the program and how we are responsible to live the restoration, and to teach it to the world.  She loves the discussions that are generated from these lessons and projects the youth do together, and individually.

Julie, is a also a certified teacher for the Thomas Jefferson Center for Constitutional Restoration, and has worked with youth and in many leadership roles in her church, also has worked as Regional Consultants for other KA academies in Idaho, Utah and Arizona for 3 years, helping to set up others academies, and teaching new owners what she loves most.  She also works with the Joseph Smith Foundation on volunteer projects including zionvision, and Foundations.

Julie, and her husband have had all 5 of their children attend the academy.  She and her family, live in Eagle Mountain with their 2 younger children now.  Their oldest daughter recently has married, and is a new mama teaching these revealed principles to her 2 children. Their oldest son, served an LDS mission for the Rapid City South Dakota Mission, and is married living in Utah. Their youngest recently has moved to St. George UT to further his education and mission.   Kimber Academy has been a blessing for Julie, as she have seen what a principle education can do to families, as well as her own. These principles in restoring God, family and country need to be restored and shared with everyone.


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