Daily Schedule

Kimber Academy holds core classes three days a week, for four hours each day. Many academies also offer elective classes during the week such as foreign languages, dance, choir, performance, seminary, etc.

Every day, the first class begins with a devotional, usually conducted by class officers who have been interviewed and selected by the local Parent Advisory Council.

The devotional is conducted as follows, although the order may vary:
• Song or hymn
• Prayer
• Scripture/Thought
• Pledge of Allegiance

Following the devotional, students spend about 15 minutes reviewing the previous day’s religious studies. This review is called a recall exercise, and is good practice for students to exercise their minds in remembering past information, and learning to use and listen to God’s spirit to recall facts and stories.

After the recall exercise, the instructor introduces new material for study in the subject of Religion. The Senior Classes read scriptures, have an in-depth discussion, take notes, and do workbooks in class. The Junior Class students listen to stories, learn basic teachings, sing songs, and enjoy games that pertain to the lesson material.


Three Age Groups

We offer 3 learning groups at the Family Academy.  Parents will be asked to attend and participate with their children often. This is no longer a drop off academy- but an academy for the entire family to learn their role in education.

1) Junior A Class-Students who are reading and have begun learning at home

Brigham Young taught that children at this age are directly under the influence of their mother. We honor this principle and for this age we will be directly teaching and working with mothers to learn how to homeschool and to continue what they have started.

2) Junior B Class– Students who have the basic skills of reading and writing, and now hunger for researching, scripture learning, and want some hands on learning. Students who are ready to set goals

This is a transitional age, as young children will start learning to set goals, and move towards the direction of working under their father in education.

3) Senior Class– Students who have started to set goals, and ready to learn and live their mission

Brigham Young taught that children at this age fall now under the father and his direction.  Mothers were to teach good character, lay the foundation of morals and values, and now fathers could take on this training. We honor this revealed educational principle and will be encouraging fathers to take an active role with their child’s education.

**We offer a class for beginner readers for ages 4/5. This is only a two hour class helping to strengthen reading skills and some math. Please see us about this new Junior Preparatory class being offered.



To read more on the principles taught by Brigham Young , you can read entire article at: http://jod.mrm.org/1/66



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