Students and parents will be asked to sign a MEMO OF UNDERSTANDING in attending the academy. Both student and parent agree to abide by the Kimber Standards. Both parent and student will be taught the below items in a new student meeting, and will be given the chance to discuss the “How and Why” of Kimber Academy.

1. Memo of Understanding

The Glenn J. Kimber Academy is a unique educational program. It is designed to teach the student spiritually as well as academically. The Kimber Academy program requires parents/guardians to be actively involved in their child’s educational process. Therefore, all parents/guardians and students are expected to agree with and sign this Memo of Understanding. The Kimber Academy standards are designed to create leaders in the family and community; to stand out, rather than fit in with society.

2. Dress and Grooming Standards
The Glenn J. Kimber Academy does not require uniforms, but it does have a strict dress and grooming standard. This standard helps maintain a positive and moral atmosphere, insures modesty and cleanliness, guards against students becoming inappropriately casual, and invites the Spirit of God into the classroom. Although, trends and styles may change, the principles of dress and grooming will remain the same. The following guidelines are examples, which are not all-inclusive. The local administration reserves the right to make final decisions. At the Lehi Academy we follow the standard outlined for the LDS missionaries. 

Young men:

Clothing must be clean, modest, and in good condition. They should avoid appearing sloppy or inappropriately casual.
Shirts with collars are to be worn, and all but the top button must be fastened.
Button up shirts are to be completely tucked in at all times.
Ties are to be worn
No jeans or jean material of any sort are allowed on campus.
Pants should be clean, free of rips, tears, and stains and heavily worn out areas.
Belts should be worn with pants pulled up around the waist.
Shorts and jeans are not appropriate for school, except while participating in sports or activities indicated by the administration.
Clean shoes in good condition and suitable for dress clothing are to be worn at all times. No tennis shoe or flip flops. Dark colored lace up Ked’s style shoes are allowed for the boys.

Hair should be clean, neat, and avoid extreme styles and colors.
Facial hair is not appropriate for school except for medical or religious reasons.
Earrings, body piercings and tattoos are not appropriate for school.
Out of respect, hats and hoods should be removed in the building.

Young ladies:
Clothing must be clean, modest, and in good condition. They should avoid appearing sloppy or inappropriately casual
Articles of clothing which are tight or form-fitting, sleeveless or low-cut, see-through or otherwise revealing would be

inappropriate. Clothing must remain modest while sitting, standing, bending over or working at a desk.
Dresses and skirts must cover the knee when sitting, and have no slits extending higher than the knee.
No jeans or jean material of any sort are allowed on campus.
Shorts, capris, stretch pants, leggings, jeggings, and t-shirts would not be appropriate for school, except while participating in sports or activities indicated by the administration.
Clean footwear in good condition, suitable for dress clothing, is appropriate and should be worn at all times. No tennis shoe or flip flops. Solid colored lace up Ked style shoes are appropriate for the girls to wear with their dresses.
Hair should be clean, neat, and avoid extreme styles and colors.
Earrings are limited to one per ear; other body piercings and tattoos are inappropriate.

Clothing or other belongings should be free from any writing that is immodest, negative or inappropriate. Brand names or slogans that represent high standards of faith and morality are allowed as long as it is modest in its location. Any symbols on clothing, jewelry, belongings, or hairstyles that are in opposition to God, family and country would be inappropriate. (Example the Peace Sign and skulls) In recent years, some symbols have become popular among the youth. Unfortunately many are not as innocent as they appear. For example, the peace sign that is “back by popular demand,” sounds innocent enough, after all who would be against peace? But the peace sign (originally the Cross of Nero) actually symbolizes a different idea of what will bring peace than what many realize. It represents an upside down, broken cross — symbolizing the defeat of Christianity. President Benson had this to say: “Have we, as Moroni warned, ‘polluted the holy church of God’? . . .Do any of us wear or display the broken cross, anti-Christ sign, that is the adversary’s symbol of the so-called peace movement?” (God, Family, Country, Secretary of Agriculture Ezra Taft Benson 229. Also CR October 1970)

3. Behavior Standard
All prospective students need to agree to the Glenn J. Kimber Academy standards of behavior which are designed to invite the Spirit of God into the classroom and create a positive learning environment. The minimum standards of good behavior are as follows:

A. Conversation should be clean and age appropriate. It should be free from swearing, including taking the name of God in vain. Vulgarity and crudeness, rude remarks to anyone or defiant language of any kind is inappropriate. This includes vocal, written, drawn or gestures.

B. Classroom behavior should include treating others with kindness and respect. Behavior should demonstrate a willingness to learn and strive to work on weekly goals. Students should demonstrate a willingness to support the instructors, deans or other volunteers, as well as student officers and classroom assistants.

C. Respect for property should be observed at all times. Destroying or defacing any property such as tables, chairs, carpet, walls, restrooms, equipment, the grounds, etc. is unacceptable. This also includes inappropriate disposal of gum, candy, wrappers, drink containers, and any other items that would litter the premises.
Note: Financial restitution will be required for vandalism or carelessness.

D. Courtesy to others should be demonstrated by maintaining personal hygiene, cleanliness and safety, being properly groomed and dressed and treating each other like ladies and gentlemen. Bringing tobacco, alcoholic beverages or controlled substances of any kind on the facility is prohibited. Inappropriate use of prescription drugs will also not be tolerated. Fireworks, firearms, lighters, knives or any type of weapon are also prohibited. Headphones, computer games, Music devices or toys are to be left at home. Cell phones may be brought to school if they are stored on mute in the office or backpack.

NOTE: This code of conduct will be in effect in the classroom, in or around the Glenn J. Kimber Academy facilities, and during all extra-curricular activities and field trips sponsored by the local school, unless otherwise indicated by the administration.

4. Necessary Supplies
Students are to bring to class their notebooks, curriculum, scriptures, writing and color-coding instruments, and other teaching aids as specified. Cell phones are not to be used for academic purposes.

5. Curriculum
The goal of Kimber Academy is to help individual family members see their full educational potential. The students will be provided with a positive, moral, and patriotic environment in which they can learn spiritually as well as academically in all subjects. The curriculum is written and designed to best achieve these academic and spiritual goals. Parents are to review with their children through a meeting on a consistent basis the work they have accomplished, checking specifically the Hook Date activities and principles.

6. Early Release and Liability
At all local facilities every student must be accounted for at all times. If a student desires to leave the Glenn J. Kimber Academy facility during class hours, they must first speak with the administrator and teacher or obtain Permission to Leave School Grounds form from the administration. Parents desiring to pick up their children during school hours also need to inform the administration, preferably one day before.

7. Meetings
Deans Meeting: Parents and/or guardians are expected to participate in a Report and Planning Meeting each month with their child’s dean (Students ages 9-18). This is a personal meeting involving the Dean and the parents and students to review the past months progress, look over the current student work and plan for the upcoming month. This meeting ensures that the Dean understands the parent’s academic and behavior expectations. This communication is very important for the success of the individualized program.

Parent Training Night: Parents are also encouraged to attend the Parent Meeting scheduled once a month. This meeting deals with essential training in Kimber Academy philosophy, Kimber Academy methods of teaching, child development, family planning, materials used and areas taught for the next month. Permission must be obtained in order for the faculty to teach the students specific curriculum and perform different methods of learning.

8. Communication
If there are things that I or my children do not understand or do not agree with concerning the Academy, I will contact the local administration as soon as possible to ensure any misunderstandings can be worked out. It is very important that harmony and the best of feelings be maintained, and I agree to work out any misunderstandings in a Christ-like manner.
I understand that the local Glenn J. Kimber Academy administration and faculty can only help students with their problems and challenges in a timely manner if they are aware of them. When appropriate, I will contact the Administrator or National Directors of The Glenn J. Kimber Academy concerning any problems pertaining to my children or any other student of the Academy.
I understand that all those associated with the Glenn J. Kimber Academy are important, and that their views and insights are very valuable. I will therefore feel free to bring to the attention of the local administrator any suggestions and ideas for improvements.

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