First, students must pass the National Testing Center (NTC) High School Diagnostic Test with a score of Freshman in College or higher in each of the 22 academic areas tested. The diagnostic tests evaluate students in specific areas of Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Writing, and Literature & Arts.

Second, students must submit a thesis of 4,000 facts in story form of history. These facts are taught in the classroom using a method called “Hook Dates.” Students are able to “hook” historical personalities and events to previously chosen, corresponding dates. As the students practice and use recall in class, writing the thesis for graduation becomes an excellent way for them to really know and understand the history of the world and America.  The thesis requirements are:

  • It must be written totally from memory.
  • It must be written in story format.
  • It should be presented in such a way that it could be published if desired.

Third, students must defend their thesis in front of the parent council prior to graduation. Not only must they defend their thesis, but know the 28 Principles of Sound Government. These principles are found in the 5000 Year Leap, written by W.C Skousen.

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