Testimony from a parent

I love the things that you have done for(my son) at Kimber. I have felt your love for him and for all of your students. I have seen him develop a love for math because of your excitement and love for math. I have seen him slowly begin to develop the talent of self government. The other day I came home from an errand and a mountain of laundry had been folded for me–by (son’s name), with the sweetest “thanks for being a great mom” note. Academic service at its finest.

He’s beginning to know the scripture stories a little better than his dad and I lately and takes pride in correcting us during scripture study. We love that he is learning how to teach from the scriptures. What a great missionary, priesthood holder, and father he will be because he is learning to love and search the scriptures. Not long ago, he was struggling with his own weaknesses and natural man and was feeling a little down on himself. He decided to turn to Heavenly Father and began reading his scriptures and praying twice a day. He came home after school about a week later; lighter, happier and said, “I had the coolest experience today, while I was working on the prefix principle in language arts, I looked up the word “unburdened” in the scriptures, that is how I’m starting to feel.” And I thought to myself, only at Kimber, only at Kimber. My husband and I have had moments in the past two years where we’ve been a little unsure about this unconventional way of learning, so completely different than anything we’ve been accustomed too. And every time we’ve felt inclined to make a change, we’d attend a parent meeting and the spirit would confirm that this was the place for him……I feel it every time I walk in that building.

These are different times, and we need different stuff to survive what we’ll be up against in the future (our kids and their kids especially). We need more than ABC’s and 123’s and I am so happy we’ve found a place that offers both in conjunction with the spirit.   (2014 M.O.)

Testimony from a parent

In my search for a school for my daughter, I came across schools – both charter and public – that diminished parental rights and implemented immoral and unethical standards such as data-mining, subtle brainwashing through curriculum that supports a socialistic or communistic agenda, “rigorous” learning styles which only serve to squelch love of learning or school board budgets that are out of control and lacked fiscal responsibility – this money that comes out of tax payers pockets. I started homeschooling with little support and belief from family and friends that I was “qualified” or “capable” of knowing my daughter’s needs best and being able to teach her. I learned through that first year that I was a lot more capable and the MOST qualified to teach MY daughter. A friend of mine introduced me to Kimber Academy. The moment I walked into the school, I noticed a feeling I had not felt anywhere else. I also noticed that the walls reflected the most important elements of this school: God, Family and Country. Pictures of our founding Fathers and Scripture heroes adorn the hallways of these schools. I noticed that the older kids interacted with the younger ones…there was mutual respect. Manners were practiced. These children were clearly recognizable as our future leaders. After having 2 sons go through public and charter schools, I had a great comparison and I knew that this school was perfect for my daughter. It was exactly what I had been looking for. I knew that my family and I would be involved on some level. Kimber Academy is not only a school, it is part of a movement.   (2014 J.H.

Testimony from a parent

My experience with Kimber Academy has been very positive. Our family has had some type of interaction with this school for about 10 years, whether it was been through attending the school itself to using the curriculum in our homeschooling studies. Our youngest son is in his 4th year of attending Kimber Academy.

There are many things we love about this school. We love that the spirit is so strong every day in the school building. Because of this and because the spirit is brought into each subject, my son has learned how to recognize the spirit in his life.

The curriculum has been a great help in our children’s education. We have found that as we use these books, our son is learning not only about in depth study of these subjects (which are Book of Mormon, Language Arts, Math, Science, and History), he is also learning how to serve others, how to search and apply the scriptures in each of these subjects, how to ponder what he is learning, and how to self-govern. We love how the curriculum includes so much information that has been removed from textbooks in our public schools. He is also learning how to use other resources like the library, books found in used book stores, and the internet to expand his knowledge on each of the subjects and also subjects that he is of interest to him.

The curriculum does a great job teaching children how to self-govern which is a great skill all children should learn as they become adults. (2013 D.G)

Testimony from a parent/teacher

Our children may know what the “alphabet”and the “numbers” are by themselves, but do they know how these numbers are important to Heavenly Father and how they are used in the scriptures? Do they know how to love to serve others through Language? This concept, as a parent, I have not taught my daughter nor even contemplated teaching her before being introduced to Kimber’s Curriculum. I have realized that these basic sections are more than just learning letters and more than just learning numbers, Heavenly Father created everything. He numbers everything He creates because it is important to Him, and He wants us to serve those around us and what better way to learn this through Language. When our children can learn these fundamentals and their importance to God, I know that the children’s learning and love for learning will grow tremendously from this. I have seen such joy in the children as they do their service project each week and serve a friend. They are loving math and get excited to learn a new number each day and create that number and its importance in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.

This is an amazing spiritual growing experience for your child and I can say, it is also a growing experience as a parent, and teacher. (2014 J.G.)

Testimony from a parent/teacher

I was asked to share my conviction of Kimber and its method. I hope it can be helpful as we start this new school year. 😉

The talents, academics, and creation of character that come from using the Kimber method works from the inside out. And in a world that focuses on the outside accomplishments first it becomes extra hard to be patient and “stay the course” with Kimber methods to see these fruits and spiritual personality that it develops. We find that because this is not what we are used to, and not a way that we ourselves were educated there comes a natural detox and questions that come with that. One common question is:
Is the Kimber method enough?

This is one of the most important questions to get an answer to as you learn, teach, and follow the Kimber methods and curriculum. I was asked to relate my experience and answer to this question.
I was asking myself this question very earnestly, and in desperation last school year as I faced opposition from other critics, and simply the world of education itself. The world tells us this method is not enough. For some reason our kids have to start school sooner than we did, attended it longer into the day, have more homework, and pass mandatory tests to prove themselves. Yet the world tells us at the same time that kids these days are so much smarter than we were. Then tell me, how come they need so much more if they’re already so much better than we? So how can the Kimber method be enough if the world demands so much?

The answer came to me as I prepared the lesson for Book of Mormon the next day. I read the account of when Jospeh Smith returned the plates to the hill Cummorah. If you haven’t read that in the appendix of the teachers manual for Book of Mormon, then please do. However, I will relate it some what here. As Joseph Smith went to return the plates to the hill Cummorah, instead of finding the same hole in the hill to place them in; the hill itself opened up to reveal that within was a cave with wagon loads of records. Wagon loads! As I began teaching this to the kids the next morning it came to me through the spirit; that if the Lord could give us enough to build His Kingdom in the latter days with just the Book of Mormon without including all the records, facts, and I’m sure miraculous accounts of faith that were in all those wagon loads of records; than Kimber is enough, too.

Even though Kimber may not have all the known academic strategies and requirements, and flowery busy work with all the false acclaim that public education uses to say they have succeeded, but at the same time they have never touched the heart or character of the student like the Kimber method can and does! I realized that day that truly because we teach with “light and truth” at Kimber Academies we have the potential and power to be more than enough! Kimber has exactly what is needed to foster, and develop the divine spiritual personality of each student to have exactly the abilities they need to fulfill their missions, and purposes in their lives gloriously. Maybe always with less adulation, but as President Hinckley would say “Adulation is poison.” 😉

In conclusion, just as Jospeh Smith brought us a small portion of records in comparison to what the Lord has available, the Book of Mormon has the pure and rich doctrines, taught through light and truth that foster the power of belief in Jesus Christ and awaken, and change our hearts and lives to become the people, and faithful children we are to be. Trust that Kimber in its small and simple way has the power to transform a children’s learning experience and develop hearts and families that will do the work of the Lord, and they will do it gloriously! Stay the course and be patient the harvest does come, and it is enough!!! (2016 J.Egnew)

One parent/teacher’s journey

My journey into homeschooling and finding my way to Kimber was an unexpected one.  I was working, my husband was out of work at the time, and the Spirit told me, “Stop working.”  I paused and thought, “Did I just hear that?” I proceeded to work.  Then I heard it again, “Julie, stop working right now.”  I was at the end of my shift and the next day I gave my notice.  I had no idea as to why at that particular time, would the Lord ask me to quit working but I felt it so strongly that I couldn’t deny it.

My daughter had just turned 5 and I was considering enrolling her into Kindergarten at our local elementary school but I found myself struggling with this as I had 2 older sons in high school who not only hated their educational experience but were convinced that Karl Marx was a good man.  I could see so clearly how they had been deceived and how public schooling had failed them.  I would watch the news and learn about guns being brought to schools, sexual education being taught at younger ages, and the problems that were surfacing there.  I was very concerned.

As I was doing some housecleaning one day, the Spirit once again spoke directly to me, “Julie, teach Hannah.”  I knew I was to look into home schooling.  This was a terrifying thought only because I felt inadequate and questioned whether or not I would “ruin” her.  I prayed to know what to do and that’s when I got the prompting to call a friend of mine.  She was the only friend I had who home schooled.  My friend taught me so much and she shared with me about Kimber Academy.

When I walked into Kimber Academy 4 years ago, my husband was with me and we sat down to talk to the director.  We immediately felt the Spirit as we entered that building and I received an immediate confirmation that this is where my daughter was to attend.

An opportunity came up and the next thing I knew I was training to teach for the next year.  This is when I became much more familiar with Kimber’s curriculum.  It was definitely a different approach to education than I had ever known but I while I was there I learned one of the most valuable lessons and that was learning how to teach by the Spirit.  I felt as though my spiritual muscles were growing.  I began to quickly develop a sense for when the Spirit was present and when it wasn’t’.  I learned how to get “back on track” and invite the Spirit back into the classroom.  I couldn’t teach unless the Spirit was there because it’s the Spirit that does the teaching.  I was just a mother and a mouthpiece.

The next year, I continued training.  I did a lot of observing that year and towards the end of that year, I had an opportunity to teach.  My daughter fell in love with Kimber.  By the following year, I felt good to go and I began teaching the Junior B class.

That year was a challenging year for me both personally and professionally.  I thought I had all the answers and I that year I felt a lot of resistance come up.  I wasn’t open to the principles I had been learning and teaching.  I had hit a wall.  To top it all off, I was facing a possible diagnosis of cancer.  I loved the kids, I loved the staff and yet I also began to feel like I was not on the same page as them.  I wonder if these principles were just too rigid for me.

The next year I decided to teach my daughter myself using the Kimber curriculum.  I started off strong and about halfway we lost steam.  My daughter resented me for taking her out of Kimber and away from her friends.  She dug in her heels and was no longer open to me.  By this point I had already gone back to school and started my own business.  This was year of stretching and growing.  I recommitted to focusing on some improvements I wanted to make in myself and in my life.  I started attending the temple regularly again.  I had many moments where the principles I had been taught earlier at Kimber had come back to mind and I saw where I had stood in my own way.  I thought I had all the answers.  That year was a very challenging year as well, just in different ways.  I had reached a wall in my business and couldn’t understand how to get past it.

I received a Priesthood blessing and in that blessing, I was told to reach out in the dark for the Savior’s hand.  I pondered that blessing many, many times.  I didn’t understand why the Savior would be in the dark.  What did the “dark” mean? The story of Peter was brought to mind over and over again.  I knew I was like Peter on the ocean.  There wasn’t any room left for inspiration because I had filled that space with my own understanding and my own thinking….my pride.  In a desperate attempt, one day I reached a point where I felt a decision regarding my business needed to be made.  I was ready to throw in the towel and I prayed to know what the Lord wanted me to do.  I had reached a low and a breaking point and I needed to reach it in order to be receptive and open to the Lord’s will for me and my family.

I had to surrender everything….my identity, my ideas, my opinions, my logic, my heart and my soul…everything! I realized that the “dark” was symbolic of 2 things:  existing in a world that surrounded me in darkness and not being able to see – in other words, not having the answers.  I began to understand that Father was trying to tell me that I was not going to receive the answers until I did 2 things:  I needed to humble myself and I needed to exercise faith.

From that moment on, I didn’t know what was ahead of me.  I learned that faith exists in the present.  For the first time in my life, I felt held in the arms of my Savior.  I can’t remember ever feeling more safe than I did in that space and time and I have continued to feel this way as I’ve drawn closer to Him.  I learned about the law of obedience and what it meant to fully surrender.

This recent school year, I had thought about Kimber.  I missed it.  I knew that I would need to take my daughter back.  At the last minute, my husband and I decided to go to the Open House just to get information for fees and requirements with the intention that we would be prepared to re-enroll our daughter the following year.  As my husband and I sat across from each other, our eyes met and we both knew that Hannah needed to attend this current school year.  He told me then that I should really consider teaching.

My husband is a convert, baptized at the age of 59 and mostly a Sunday “church attender” and for as long as I’ve known him (10 years to be exact), he has a very strong and quiet faith.  He is intuitive.  He keeps more to himself and when he told me that he would pay for our daughter to attend and cover the fees, I knew he had received a confirmation just as I had.  For my husband to encourage me to teach, even knowing past struggles I had, I knew he probably was in tune with the Spirit then too.

I didn’t commit right away but I wondered if I would end up teaching again.  I prayed a lot and was told to just attend, take notes and glean from Sister Smith.  I didn’t know what all of this meant but I did it because that’s what was asked of me.  After 2 weeks, I knew I was going to teach.  That same day we learned that Kimber was in need of another teacher.

There aren’t any accidents.  I needed that year away from Kimber to fully appreciate it, and to understand just how important those principles are!

One of the things that really hit home for me as I attended the first 2 weeks was why the principles taught at Kimber were important.  Prior to then, I was more interested in the academic portion of Kimber and looked at the spiritual concepts, intrinsic values and principles as “a nice and welcomed supplement to academics.”

Here’s what I learned:  A principle is a truth that is unchangeable.  Truth is taught line upon line, precept by precept.  Like an onion, it has layers.  It is revealed to us as we are ready for it and never before then.   Jesus Christ is true and everything that springs forth from Him is truth.  As we embrace these truths, we are able to recognize our Savior and bring him into our lives as our rock and foundation.  Everything is built upon Him and His truths.  This is why the principles I learned while I’ve been at Kimber all these years, are so important.  Academics doesn’t serve a purpose without understanding the principles they are built upon.  These principles are the building blocks of education…of everything!

I learned that I needed to create room in my heart and mind for more knowledge, truth and understanding but as long as I held onto my pride, I would not be ready for more.  I learned that pride is having all the answers whereas humility is being teachable and submissive.

What I know is that I’m a mother first and foremost.  I don’t have all the answers which is why it’s even more important that I always strive to be humble.  I’ve learned more in the time I’ve been at Kimber than any other time of my life.  I understand that this is because the Spirit is the teacher at Kimber and quickens our minds and our understanding, just as it does with the children who attend.  It is unlike any other school I’ve ever been to or have looked into and this is because I truly believe it has the capacity to develop celestial minds.

The experiences I’ve had while at Kimber Academy have been nothing short of life changing.  The truths I’ve learned there have poured out into every aspect of my life and being.  I can feel myself grow more each day and I can feel the love deepen as I serve there. (2016 JH)

5000 Year Leap Testimony

We homeschooled our children for 15+ years. My son wasn’t ready to learn to read until he was 10 years old. Even after that, we had a difficult time inspiring him to pick up a book and really study it. When he was about 12 or 13, he wanted a PSP so badly and his dad and I just didn’t buy things like this for our kids…but in trying to find ways to inspire, we came up with a plan. If he would read the 5000 year leap from cover to cover, study the principles and then discuss them with mom during the day , AND write a report on what he learned from each principle to share with dad, showing his true knowledge…or sharing the things that confused him, and discuss it with dad later, then, if done well, to his best ability and taken seriously, we would buy him his PSP!! Oh what a stretch this was for us. Both financially and mentally.. Because we really didn’t feel the PSP was a worthy thing to spend money on and we couldn’t see how this “toy” would bless his life or ours! However, this exercise was powerful for him and for us as parents. It was the first time he’d ever read a BIG book and he really took it seriously. He wrote a “15” page report for his dad and discussed it with me daily as he was drafting it.

Today, my son is 20 years old and still says this book was one of the most powerful book he has ever read. He refers back to it often. After we saw what an impact thus book had on him, we bought him his own copy. He cherishes his copy! And what of the PSP…? Well, at first it was a great novelty and he never went anywhere without it. But, after a couple years it began to get left behind and slowly more important things took its place. He still remembers what a great lesson it was to work hard for something he wanted so much. But would he buy a PSP today? NO….lol….but he would buy a very large library of his favorite books!! Most of them classics and having to do with understanding correct principles! Buy this book for your sons and daughters. It will change their lives!

Testimony from a parent/teacher

I LOVE the academy.  but I love to see children change right before my eyes as they work with the spirit, as they learn who they are and what they can become as their confidence from being immersed in God’s love and spirit outpours into their lives. I love seeing families that were once disconnected as a product of the system become whole again. Brothers and sisters who had no relationship are now as tight as can be. Or watching a new parent take on that divine stewardship of teaching their children these correct principles of education for the first time, and seeing the parent embrace this new role rather than outsourcing it to an “expert.” They learn what it truly means to parent their children.

In my own home the fruits of this education have been delicious. We are constantly learning line upon line, and it is just amazing! There is a spirit that dwells constantly, there is true leadership happening, where my children stand for truth now as agents for God no matter the consequences. We have learned that much of the culture we have enjoyed, is a counterfeit to the restoration, or attacks on what Joseph Smith revealed. The priceless truths we have learned are: Who Joseph Smith is, patriarchal father and his role, true scholarship and how to think for themselves with correct principles, women and children first, scriptures and revelation, parental rights, music and graceful dance, leisure and balance, priesthood, stewardship and consecration, courtship and virtue, moral absolutes, holiness, complementing genders, how to restore the constitution and why, and so forth. The greatest thing I have seen with this education in my home is how it takes a child and turns them towards God and then not be influenced by peers, where the heart once hardened, is now softened. It is a parent’s greatest desire to have their children know the spirit, hear the spirit, and obey the spirit.  All else does not matter, or all else will be given if this is in place.

I wish for every parent to enter the academy and have these fruits for their own home!  (2009 BS)

Short reviews from parents

-Our first week experiencing Kimber has been amazing. I am a homeschooling mom and I love how KA supports and respects our family and values. I feel like my children are in school heaven, and they are so happy. We continue at home what they do in school and add to it. KA respects family time and parental stewardship. I strongly encourage parents to take advantage of the free week in January. Love this place!

-I love Kimber Academy! Their teaching method is amazing! I could see my children’s behaviors change and they started loving to learn after weeks of the principle being put into place. The school taught me so much and also gave me the confidence to now homeschool using their curriculum.

-I love Kimber Academy. My 2 grandchildren attended Kimber Academy for nearly 4 years. Because of Kimber Academy’s curriculum, the grand children are not only ahead in academics compared to a public school (I have good comparison with other grand children who attend public school) but their spiritual foundation is amazing. My 8 year old grand daughter bears her testimony at church during testimony meeting and what she says is often very profound. I love that at Kimber Academy a love of learning, leadership, accountability and life skills are taught. At this school children are indeed are schooled to be well rounded and fit to face a world that is more and more lacking in values.

Testimony on Kimber Academy from Glenn Beck

This is what Glenn Beck has to say about our school:

“Kimber Academy a whole new form of education. I am working with people at Yale and all over the country, trying to support anybody who is trying to do something new and different and getting out of the pattern of the progressive lies of our country. Kimber Academy is a different way of doing school. It’s home school on steroids. It’s a home school asset, and quite honestly my kids have been home schooled, and now they go to Kimber Academy.

I really truly believe that it’s this and things like this are the answer to the Common Core Cancer that we have….
“But we have to be strong in what is true, to teach those true principles in ways that we used to teach things. I have seen such growth. My son did not like to read two years ago,… and I would read to him and read to him, but they started at Kimber Academy and between me reading at home, and what they are doing and the way they are teaching at Kimber Academy, he is never without a book. Never!

“It’s just remarkable, especially since this is a system where it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter when your birthday was. It doesn’t matter. You advance at your own speed. We have to stop treating our 14-year-olds like kids. 14-year-old George Washington was out surveying land. Why are we treating our 14-year-olds like they don’t have anything to offer? Let’s treat them like they should be treated…not like children.”

Testimony from the Joseph Smith Foundation

I am often asked the question, “Where can I find a school or curriculum based on God’s educational principles? I want my child to be ready for the REAL world!” For some time, I’ve studied the teachings of the prophets, the ancient Hebrew culture and scriptural instruction regarding education. I am happy to say that the Kimber Academy-Lehi implements many of these principles.

If you want your child to be inspired with a passion for freedom and liberty, if you want your child to understand the “battlelines” of our time, if you want your child to be prepared to not only survive but triumph in the difficult world they are inheriting, this school may be your answer! The Kimber Academy-Lehi faculty have researched history and uncovered educational principles lost for nearly a century. They are committed to restoring this forgotten heritage! Their dedication to building their foundation on the teachings of Jesus Christ permeates their work.

If you are struggling with an apathetic youth, if you are confused as to how your family can make a difference or even if you are merely searching for “more”, try the Kimber Academy in Lehi, Utah! Our children must be prepared to build the Kingdom of God and stand as warriors for Christ!

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