Their Covenant is our Covenant!

Their Covenant is our Covenant!

February 28th is a day we will never forget. It is the day the Scottish National Covenant was signed. During a special hour students learned how this important covenant came about, the history of those who signed it and how it was a forerunner to our preamble and other sacred documents. This document was signed by Nephites/Israel, that originated from Scotland and England. They are part of “Zion” the US.

Today during this hour of remembrance, stories were shared about some of the famous covenanters, such as James Guthrie who at his execution yelled “the Covenants, the Covenants, shall yet be Scotland’s reviving!”  We also learned about a young boy delivering bannocks to a persecuted pastor who is hiding which turns into a matter of life and death as Jamie Douglas is captured and interrogated by the king’s loyal dragoons. He then is thrown off a cliff as he never gives up the hiding place.
Added to our celebration was a beautiful slide presentation on these “rednecks” and their legacy, we learned about the covenanter’s flag and the flag of Judah. The students also enjoyed a scottish lunch together with leek soup, scones, shortbread cookies, oat bars, blackberries and apple pie.

A Bit of History

The Scottish National Covenant of 1638 was a contract or covenant with God signed by thousands of Scottish Christian on February 28th by men who swore to defend their freedom in direct defiance of a king who was abridging the religious liberty of the people.  The Covenanters demanded a free and independent Scottish parliament and assembly with limits to the King’s power, particularly in matters of faith.  The Covenanters also declared that the Kirk, or church, was severed from the King’s authority.

The word covenant meaning a band, legal document or agreement, with particular reference to the Covenant between God and the Israelites in the Old Testament. Below is the preamble to the National Covenant.

“WE, the people of Scotland who subscribe this Engagement declare our belief that reform in the constitution of our country is necessary to secure good government in accordance with our Scottish traditions, and to promote the spiritual and economic welfare of our nation . “We affirm the desire for such reform is both deep and widespread throughout the whole community, transcending all political differences and sectional interests and we undertake to continue united in purpose for its achievement. “With that end in view we solemnly enter into this Covenant, whereby we pledge ourselves in all loyalty to the Crown and within the framework of the United Kingdom, to do everything in our power to secure for Scotland a parliament with adequate legislative authority in Scottish affairs.”

The Presbyterians in Scotland were facing treason by the king for their protests against the bishops, the Book of Canons and the Book of Common Prayer.  They decided that they needed some way of uniting together so they could stand firm against these attacks on their religious freedoms.

The National Covenant pledged those who swore to it, to defend the true religion and remain true to the Bible. This desire of the covenant was to maintain ‘the true worship of God, the majesty of our King, and the peace of the kingdom’, for the happiness of those who swore it and their children. They also promised to live lives that showed they were in covenant with God, and to be good examples to others.

The signing of the National Covenant has been called the biggest event in Scottish history. In essence it was a document, a contract with God, signed by the Nobles, Ministers and thousands of ordinary Scots, who pledged themselves to defend Scotland’s rights by stating what they would and wouldn’t agree to in matters of Kirk and state. The Covenanters signed in blood, and to symbolize this oath, wore blood-red bandannas around their necks. They were known as the “Rednecks.” 

Where did these faithful men, women and children come from? What is their history of being a covenant people?

Israel’s Blood

The royal blood of Judah (both from the Nephites and from Zedekiah in Jerusalem) went to Scotland. Those are our ancestors in blood, the forefathers of our country, of the Restoration, of our culture, even most of our inventions, etc. originated from somewhere there.  The scriptures say Israel will come from “north countries”, from Northern Europe

The Nephites; the royal bloodline 

Decades before the birth of Christ, a Nephite named Hagoth built several ships somewhere in the Americas. The largest of those ships was loaded with emigrants and sailed “northward”, out of Nephite history. Shortly afterwards, Rome advanced into Northern Europe and discovered coastal peoples they had never even heard of before.  The inhabitants of that region once spoke a tongue from the same family as Hebrew and Egyptian, but then adopted the Germanic tongue of their neighbors.

These new Europeans claimed to have arrived from across the sea. Some of them called themselves the people of Nephi, Joseph and/or Hagoth. Judaic practices were honored among them on the European continent. And most importantly, in the first century AD, they claimed to have been visited by the earth-born son of God. Centuries later, in alignment with Nephite prophecy, descendants of these people spread to every corner of the world, colonizing the South Pacific, New Zealand, South Africa, and both Americas. In their journeys, they shaped and forever changed world history. 1] From This group of emigrants came Christopher Columbus, Founding Fathers, and Joseph Smith.

Zedekiah’s  children escaped
The royal bloodline continued unbroken until the time of King Zedekiah. He was last King of Judah in Jerusalem. Shortly after Lehi and his family left Jerusalem in 600BC, King Zedekiah, of the royal line of David, was captured, he saw his sons slain before his eyes, and then lost his eyes. It was apparently Nebuchadnezzar’s attempt to end the succession of Jewish kings, but there was a detail of the Hebrew law with which he was apparently unfamiliar. A princess could also inherit the throne if she married someone from the tribe of Judah. So what about the daughters of Zedekiah?

We are told that the daughters of Zedekiah were taken to Egypt along with the prophet Jeremiah and others. There Jeremiah prophesied that all those who fled to Egypt would also be killed, except a few who should escape. The legend of Ireland say that Scota was the daughter of Zedekiah and escaped from Jerusalem with Jeremiah and went to Ireland. She then married the king and hence the royal line of Ireland can be traced back to Israel. 2]

Why is this important to us? 

In 1704 Thousands of Scots-Irish migrated to the American colonies. Landing mostly in New England, they made their way south in search of open land. Eventually, the Scots-Irish spread throughout what today are the Southern states and many Southerners today trace their ancestry back to these migrants who brought not only their culture but the stories of the Scottish Covenanters, and the covenant. Our Founding Fathers who likewise were facing religious  persecution From King George the 3rd, turned to their ancestors the royal bloodline of the Scots and likewise set up a binding covenant, sealing their fate with a pledge of their “lives, fortunes and sacred honor.”

See, the almost word for word documents of the Declaration and the Constitution and the National Covenant, and see for yourself their similarities, and then ask yourself, “would you die for America’s covenant.” 


1.Nephites in Europe Written by John D. Nelson


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